Ways to Improve Digestion

As important as it is to eat healthy foods, if they aren't digested well the body won’t be able to receive the maximum benefits from doing so! Improving your digestion can do wonderful things for your health. When food is broken down properly our bodies can better absorb what they need. This includes essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Some of the most common complaints surrounding digestive issues consist of; gas, bloating, cramping, feeling sluggish after meals, constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux. Not fun things to deal with! Here are some simple tips to help increase “digestive fire” and improve the overall function of your digestive system.

CHEW your food…A LOT! So much so you can’t even tell what is in your mouth any more before you swallow. Think of this as your way of sending a warning signal to your stomach that it needs to wake up

Take smaller bites…no need to find out the max volume capacity your mouth can hold…some things are just better left unknown ;)

Don’t drink tons of liquids with meals. This commonly happens when people do not focus on drinking throughout the day, however it can dilute your digestive enzymes and weaken your bodies digestive fire. Do your best to drink the bulk of your fluids in between meals

Prior to a meal, have ½ cup warm water with 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar or ½ cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon. Doing so can help to increase Hydrochloric acid within the stomach (essential for protein digestion)

Avoid eating when stressed – step away from your desk/computer/any negative energies…eating is time to shut off all other inputs and focus on what you are consuming

Increase the amount of fermented foods that are a part of your meal.  Ferments are your digestive systems’ biggest supporters

Focus on foods that are easy to digest if you feel you are in a bit of a “digestive slump.” These foods consist of; smoothies, blended soups, grains and nuts that have been soaked, spouted foods, cold pressed juices, and cooked foods (until your digestion improves and your body can breakdown raw foods).

Avoid combining heavy proteins with lots of carbs or starches. The traditional “meat and potatoes” meal isn’t the best thing for our digestive systems when it is experiencing an imbalance. Focus on pairing protein with vegetables or carbs with vegetables. Avoid pairing meat based proteins and carb rich foods

Well-BeingJennifer Wilson