Finding Bliss With Our Bodies


The issues surrounding the topic of “Body image” are so crazy complex. With all the pressure from the world around us, personal standards we hold for ourselves, and confusion around what the “ideal body” is, it’s no wonder so many people struggle with this issue.

Whether it be self criticism when looking in the mirror, feeling negative about your weight or physical appearance, thinking you need to change your weight to look better, or comparing yourself to others…there are so many ways our mind can trick us into never fully loving and accepting who we are and how we look. However, the more the topic is discussed, the more we can all realize it doesn’t need to be this way. We really can love ourselves just the way we are! 

Although it can be a long journey towards feeling truly at peace with our bodies, here are some ideas to help get on the right track to feeling more blissful in regards to oneself. In doing so, we are able to put energy toward what our true purpose on this earth is…and our purpose is definitely NOT to have the most perfect appearance. 


  1. Think about or make a list (or a pie chart) of what personal qualities you think are most important to posses? Things such as; being a good friend, expressing yourself creatively, being compassionate, or being open to new experiences. Notice how having the perfect body might not seem like such a big deal in the grander scheme of what you want for your life 

  2. Find a way to put your energy toward what really matters to you… true fulfillment does not come from having the most toned arms or slim thighs. Think of practical ways you can invest your time and resources into doing what is important to you. Examples include; joining a new class, taking time to work on your relationships, cooking healthy meals, being in nature, or volunteering. 

  3. Talk about your struggles…this especially applies to all the people who feel like they are by themselves in living the nightmare of chasing an ideal body. Chances are so many others around are also haunted by their negative body image thoughts. Talking about your insecurities to those you trust can make you feel liberated from them. You can always message me for some support and encouragement as well! 

  4. Trust your intuition. this can be SO difficult to do, especially when it feels like the outside world is always getting us to doubt ourselves. However, deep down you know what your healthiest weight is, how to nourish your body properly, and how to ignore the criticism coming from your mind. Just remember to relax and listen within! 

  5. Make nourishing yourself a priority. Instead of worrying about the calories you are consuming, before you eat, ask yourself if what you are about to ingest will nourish you? It can be from a physical level (ensuring your food is nutrient dense), a spiritual level (making sure your food has been consciously prepared), or on a feel-good level (treating yourself to that special comfort food you love…like chocolate brownies?!). 

  6. Remember you are doing the best you can…don’t be so hard on yourself. Love yourself. Live your life. Don’t take things so seriously. Appreciate your body for what it is. When you treat yourself with love and positivity, by law of the universe, more of this will come your way.


Every action we take in trying to think more positive about ourselves or doing things that are expressions of self love can amount to lasting change. Remember that love and acceptance is always a choice we can make.