An Easy 2 in 1- Improve your diet:  Help the Planet

When you think about it, topics surrounding the environment we live in (clean water, fertile soil, fresh air, healthy trees, etc.) and the food we eat (nutrient dense, clean, free of chemicals, satisfying, accessible) are two of the most important necessities surrounding human life.  Yet, in our day in age, it seems like these are two of the most corrupted areas in our society. When it comes to the environment, we are polluting our water sources, destroying forests, over developing land, burning unnecessary fossil fuels, messing around with harmful chemicals, and so much more. The corruption in our food industry is equally as destructive to our health, due to the fact that many of the available foods for consumption are full of pesticides, chemicals, food dyes, hormones, antibiotics (meats), additives and GMOS.  

It is evident to see that our environment and the food we eat are innately intertwined and one topic cannot be considered without the other. The sad part is that many people have a difficult time making the connection in their own diets. For example, consuming processed foods such as; sugary cereals, cookies, chips, etc. Not only are foods like this horrible for your body, it’s ingredients are likely genetically modified (if not organic), produced by a company that has no concern for its environmental impact, over packaged with plastics and cardboard, manufactured in a fossil fuel burning factory, and shipped a great distance just to be available for consumption. It can seem like a sad reality, however we can all play our part in changing this to help our bodies and the planet!

To be more of a conscious consumer, caring for both the environment and your health, here are some small steps you can take:

  • Stay AWAY from PROCESSED food. This means conventional store bought, chips, cookies, candies, cereals, breads, and canned foods.
  • Think LOCAL and SEASONAL. This is better for your health as food will be fresher and likely grown by trustworthy sources. It also cuts down carbon emissions from shipping… I mean, we really don’t need to buy apples from New Zealand in Canada!
  • Stay AWAY from PACKAGING: When you start looking you will realize much of the       packaging is not necessary…like lettuce boxed in plastic!
  • BUY in BULK: use cloth bulk bags and buy exactly what you need.  
  • BRING your own CONTAINERS: whether it be for healthy take-out food, a smoothie, a salad bar, or leftovers at a restaurant. It’s super easy to carry a reusable container with you for whenever you might need one!
  • USE a TRAVEL MUG: when you want a coffee, tea, or other beverage on the go, use a travel mug as opposed to a disposable cup. Many of the disposable cups are manufactured with chemicals so buying a good coffee mug is great for both your health and the environment!
  • TALK about these TOPICS: call your friends out on their wasteful ways, inform them of the corruption in our food system, and help them become more conscious consumers!

It is time we all start demanding a higher standard when it comes to both the environment and our health. These steps are small important ones we can all try to make!